Invitation to Durito

April 25, 1995 San Diego, CA

Nebuchadnezzar A.K.A. DORITO c/o Subcommander Marcos Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) San Andreas Larrainzar Lacandona Jungle Chiapas, Mexico

Dear Nebuchadnezzar,

We have received word that you will soon engage in a life and death struggle at the center of Mexico with that not-so-nice Mexican Fidel. We wish you the best of luck during your search for windmills in the smoggy old Aztec capital and we do admit a lively interest in the spectacle of a beetle jousting with a dinosaur to save the workersU movement of Mexico.

On the other hand we wish to raise with you perhaps a more profound question - what do you have planned for Mothers' Day? Certainly the hardness of your shell does not reach all the way to your heart and you have noticed the effect (and affect) of the crisis on the mothers of Mexico!

Specifically, there is one gabacho boss man here in the northwest and southwest of our respective countries named John Shahid who likes to hire young Mexican mothers for work in his Maquiladora and then demand that they model skimpy bikinis for close inspection by both his video camera and his person. As you know it gets very cold in Tijuana and colder yet in the board rooms of corporations such as American United Global Inc.

Yet these women workers found that the company decided to close the maquiladora (Exportadora de Mano Obra) - forgetting to pay back wages in the bargain - rather than turn up the heat on their video taping CEO John Shahid. Now the women have taken the startling step of crossing the border and dragging the company into a U.S. courtroom in search of dignity and justice!

That's where you come in!

We need a big name speaker to draw people to our Binational Rally for Justice on Sunday, May 14 and you are just the ticket to really turn up the heat on the company! All the workers who are getting a little tired of how hard the struggle just to live has become (on both sides of the border!), will flock to the demonstration if they hear that Durito is coming! We are a little uncertain of what role your sidekick that Marcos guy could play (our newspaper says people are very tired of hearing about him), but since you usually seem to include him in your activities we might be able to find a place for him on the program if you think that would be wise.

In any case we anxiously await your reply as the publicity must get out if we are to make the noon May 14, Binational Rally for Justice appealing to many people. Please consider traveling to Tijuana and San Diego to help this group of Mexican mothers so deserving of a little break from a little beetle like yourself.

Yours in hopes for a better world,

Peter Brown, Co-chair Corrientes Mexicanas

PS. We have heard rumors that the company headquarters of American United Global Inc. at 11634 Patton Road in Downey, California 0241-5295 has already been infiltrated by several subversive armor plated creatures much like yourself. If you could visit California and organize these forces, we are certain it would help the women workers in their struggles and there is nothing at all in Proposition 187 regarding beetles coming from the south to organize popular insurrections.

PPS. Sometime ago your buddy the SUB petitioned our organization for a part in one of our Internet theatre productions which is entitled 'Yo Soy ZapatistaS . While our reply to your young friends' request for work (blatantly undocumented it seems) was somewhat ambiguous, we would be quite enthusiastic to have your participation in our current version of the play. If the Sub continues to hanker after a dramatic outlet we have a concrete suggestion. San Diego (and many other US cities) has a variety of marathon races supporting good causes. These races often seem more like theatre than good works and with the Subcommandante's recent training, it seems that might be the perfect role for him here. We understand that no one has thought to check documents in these races and perhaps he could write a running commentary on his experiences.

PPP'. Regarding the corporate junk food RDoritos'. Has your nickname been registered with the NAFTA board of logos and trademarks? I am enclosing a newsletter from the local organization called San Diegans for Dignity, Democracy and Peace in Mexico who have named their publication in your honor. This organization is very concerned that if people in the United States continue to confuse your name with that munchy plastic-food chip, they will be sued for copyright violation. Please advise ASAP!

PS. on PS. FLASH! ON THE NEED TO INCLUDE MARCOS! We just had a technical meeting regarding the Sunday, May 14 Binational Rally for Justice and realized there is no sound equipment available for beetles. Therefore perhaps it would be best if Subcommandante Marcos comes along after all - we promise to keep him away from the local caves of desire - and he is certain to translate your words of wisdom better than anyone! I'm sure no one will really mind if he also speaks.

Final PS. Where to meet on Sunday, May 14, 1995. We need you to arrive along with all the supporters from Los Angles, San Diego and other Southwest USA locations at the trolley stop in San Ysidro (right next to Tijuana). You can make a short statement there and we will proceed across the border to Mexico. If you have any questions call me at (619) 232-2841.