Brendan Guilfoyle

During my graduate days in Texas I did a bit of freight-hopping up and down the US. While it is years since I've taken to the rails, a narrative about one of my journeys was pretty popular on my old website. I've reproduced it here.

I was also inspired by the Mexican indigenous Zapatistas and their struggle for justice. I helped produce a zine of stories written by Subcommandante Marcos about a beetle called Don Durito. It has since been updated and published as a book. The early version I was involved in producing is here.

More recently, I have been interested in the proposal to convert a disused railway line near my house in Kerry into a hike and bike path. A blog on this can be found here.

As a cyclist commuter I have availed of the government bike to work scheme whereby your employer purchases a bike for you to cycle to work, and you pay it off over a year, minus 40% in the form of tax breaks. While the scheme was introduced courtesy of the Irish Green Party it won't (nor should it) save them at the next election.

I also enjoy reading The Pylon, a satire on life in the fictitious Irish "Free University". It started out over a decade ago as an underground zine at ITT, but has recently migrated to the internet.

Two of my brothers are professional jazz musicians and have extensive webpages at: